Nominees for 2017-18 Committee :


Jason Hunter:

I live in Gippsland Victoria with my wife Rhonda and three children Niesha, Ella and Angus. I run my own business as a diesel mechanic. I have been involved with horses all of my life and had an interest in Walers after learning of my Grandfather and Great Grandfather’s involvement in the military with the British Cavalry.

We have our own Waler stud, Rosehaven Walers and breed four or five foals each year. We have become more involved with the Light Horse and attended many major events in Victoria. For many years now, I have been breaking and training all our own horses to various disciplines and from time to time, take on outside horses. I also am my own farrier which helps when you have 28 horses. My family and I have been members of the WHSA since 2011 and I have been an Ordinary Committee Member for 2014-15, Vice President for 2015-16 & President for 2016-17.

This year myself and family took on the Outback To Arena project and secured major sponsor Glen Gardiner Saddles. This eventuated in to a major financial boost to the WHSA, two new members and two fantastic horses. More recently I have been instructing at the local pony club teaching basic horsemanship and safe horse handling. I have been on the local school counsel and the committee of the local trail riding club.

Given the chance I am sure I can voice the opinions of the membership and work for you toward the healthy future of the Society.

Vice President

Grantley Chaplin:

My beginnings with horses began in 1949 as an 8 year old when my parents bought me a Waler type mare. She was very experienced in stock work and actually taught me to ride. It was many years later that with Velda, we commenced the Granveld Waler Stud in Tasmania in 1989 with a Waler stallion and two Waler mares. After relocating to SE Queensland in 1992, we continued as the Talara Waler Horse Stud on a 42 ha property with two stud stallions and nine brood mares. Over the years we owned a total of 69 Walers which included 55 that we bred and Foal Recorded or Registered with the WHSA. We are proud of our record that our Waler progeny have been sold to clients in the NT and in every Australian state except SA.

Since joining the WHSA in 1989, I have served in numerous capacities as Ordinary Committee Member, Newsletter Editor, Acting Secretary, Acting Studbook Keeper, Vice President and President. If elected, I would bring my significant experience and knowledge of the WHSA to help the 2017-2018 Committee continue the work to preserve and promote the Waler horse.

In particular, I would like to see that:

  • the membership is informed in the bimonthly Newsletter on Committee business outcomes;
  • the WHSA progresses the establishment of an on-line Studbook;
  • the membership be encouraged to apply the Waler breed brand to their Waler horses;
  • all committee-appointed positions are filled;
  • the centenary of the Charge of Beersheba is recognised by appropriate events around the country;
  • a concerted effort is made to retain and grow membership of the WHSA.


Chase Day:

I have been a member of the WHSA since early 2008. In late 2008 I became the Victorian State Coordinator, and I joined the WHSA Committee in 2012 when I became the Treasurer. I have also been the Web Manager, Newsletter Editor and Studbook Keeper. I believe I have served the Society well in all of these different positions. My love for Walers runs true and deep, and Talara Jamiesun and Talara Alpha Sunray are cherished family members. Jamiesun and I enjoy re-enacting together- from WW1 Light Horse, to Viking, to American Frontier to Medieval.  Sunray is currently taking some time off to be a Mum, before she will head off to one of Australia’s foremost jousters to see if she can become a Skill At Arms horse. I look forward to the opportunity to spend another year faithfully serving the Waler Horse Society.


Joanne Russell:

 Having served last year in the position of Vice President, I have nominated this year to Secretary. I have served as WHSA Newsletter Editor for over 3 years,  have been the WHSA Web Manager for the last year, which has included updating and refreshing the content of the Society website.  Currently, I work as on-call IT consultant for the large Agricultural companies our family owns, am one of 2 administrators operating the exceedingly large “Office 365 for Business” platform that we store and communicate from, and have done for nearly 4 years; I am web manager for multiple websites &  online information pages. This experience puts me in good stead for our Society, which uses a smaller version of the technology.

As principal of Grassbrook Walers in NSW, and currently our family becoming increasingly involved in basic competition with our Grassbrook bred horses,  we are meeting some great people and are finding the more we come in contact with are looking to sign up for membership with the WHSA.

As a WHSA accredited classifier, it is exciting meeting people who become obsessed with the Waler, and I look forward to furthering the profile of the Waler horse.

Assistant Secretary

Carrie Grace:

Having served last year as Studbook Keeper, I discovered that there is more that I can offer the Society from within committee: Having identified and written an outline on how to use the Studbook software and the processes which must be followed in accordance of our own HRRR for the incoming Studbook Keeper, I have put my hand up to assist the incoming secretary with some data entry/archival details that I feel are imperative to complete for the Society’s historical collection.

I am a Waler owner, with 2 mares and a gelding, am a 4th year Veterinary  Science undergraduate at Gatton Campus of QLD, and have spent the last 7 years helping out on extended family’s Waler stud in NSW.   I consider myself an able nominee into this position and recognise that I will be well placed to also assist the new Studbook Keeper.


Ordinary Committee Member 

(there are 4 positions available)

Keith Day:

I have been a member of the WHSA since 2012. I have previously held roles as Vice President, Newsletter Editor and webmaster.

I have a keen interest in Walers, and share in the joy of helping Chase to look after Talara Jamiesun and Talara Alpha Sunray. As part of the Victorian contingent, I have helped to organise a number of events including Equitana and the Ballarat and Kingston shows. I look forward to being able to represent the membership as part of the committee.




Noela Kilminster: 

I grew up on a dairy farm in Queensland surrounded by stud Jersey Cattle, racehorses and the horses we rode to primary school. After high school, I spent the next eighteen years in Brisbane and Sydney getting educated, married, raising Sandy as a city girl and furthering our careers. Our first mid-life crisis led us back to country Queensland to a farm where we raised our two boys Tim and Dan to be truly country boys. I managed the computer department at the University of Queensland Gatton Campus until I decided casual lecturing at UQ allowed me to spend more time with my children and my Murray Grey stud.

In 2005 I renewed my passion for horses through donating Lucerne hay, in response to an ABC request to help feed Walers on Clayton Station. As a result, I got my first Waler mare and foal. We now have a Waler Stud with a Stallion, brood mares, riding, and Walers for sale. Cam and I have our Lucerne and forage hay farm and Waler horse and in my spare time I work as a facilitator with a not for profit Queensland organisation to provide Equine Assisted Learning to at risk youth.

I spent three terms as Studbook Keeper and two terms as an ordinary Committee member on the WHSA. I am a WHSA accredited classifier. My Walers have been successfully shown, we have done dressage, trail riding and used our horses for cattle work on our own property.

How can I contribute to the WHSA community? I have a genuine commitment to the Waler horses. I have had experience on the Committee and as Studbook Keeper. I have a desire to improve communication between the WHSA Committee and the members. I want to improve and streamline the registration process and try to make the Studbook more accessible to members. My view is that the Society’s first responsibility is to provide a service to all members including efficient registration and maintenance of Horse Registrations.


Nicole Davenport:

I have been a member of the WHSA since 2015 and since then have had the privilege to meet many other passionate Waler owners and others who dream of owning them. As a young girl growing up in the mountains of Victoria, I spent every moment that I could riding my horse.

Sam who was my first pony was old. Only a month or two after we bought him, my dad said that he had to be sold as he thought I needed a younger steed to cope with my enthusiasm. Dad bought me a part Arab mare called Misty, she was full spirited and had heaps of go, I had a lot of fun with her.

There is one horse that stole my heart though, his name was Rusty, I wish I had a photo to show you. Rusty was the biggest strongest gutsiest horse ever and I was told he was a Waler. I was 10 years old and how I wished he was mine. Rusty belonged to a man named John that I used to ride with and whenever I got the chance I would nag John to let me ride him. He was my dream horse.

Now a little less than 30 years later, I have two of my own Waler boys from Clayton Station, Ozzy Boy and Bandit.

My partner Adam and I and our son Daly live in Darwin’s rural area. Adam was in the military for 17 years and has strong military family history. It’s only fitting that we have Waler horses. Adam and I work full time; Adam is a project manager and I am a regulatory services ranger at the Litchfield Council. In our spare time, (when we are not fencing or building new things) we enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, camp-drafting and rodeos.

Ozzy is now broken in and coming along nicely, we will be out and about a lot this dry season.


Current 2016-2017  WHSA Committee

PRESIDENT:  Jason Hunter (Vic) Mob: 0429 918 191

Vice President: Jo Russell (NSW) Mob: 0408 527 005

Treasurer: Chase Day (Vic)

Secretary: Tracey Allen (QLD)


Peta Bennett (QLD)

Ian Christie (Vic)

Caroline Camilliri (NT)

Shelley Powell (WA)


Studbook Keeper:

Carrie Grace

Newsletter Editor:

Jo Russell

Merchandise Officer:

Chris Allen

Australian State Coordinators

NSW: Shelly Osborne

NT: Luke Nolan

QLD: Tracey Allen

SA: Shelley Powell

VIC: Chase Day